Here's the dramatic tour de force from the golden age of American theatre.

This searing drama pulsates with passion, greed, and ambition as three ruthless siblings join forces in a plot to raise money for a cotton mill. Regina Giddens and her brothers Oscar and Ben Hubbard lie, cheat, and doublecross an ailing husband, his innocent daughter, and each other in a battle for wealth and position in their "sleepy" southern town.


  • Hazel J. MedinaAddie
  • Herbert Mark ParkerCal
  • Laurie KennedyBirdie Hubbard
  • Jordan CharneyOscar Hubbard
  • David WhalenLeo Hubbard
  • Linda GehringerRegina Giddens
  • Munson HicksWilliam Marshall
  • J. Kenneth CampbellBenjamin Hubbard
  • Sue-Anne MorrowAlexandra Giddens
  • Nicholas HormannHorace Giddens
  • Lillian HelmanPlaywright
  • Linda BuchananScenic Design
  • Lindsay W. DavisCostume Design
  • Rita PietraszekLighting Design

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