This is one of the greatest fables ever written.

Shakespeare's twilight romance is crammed to bursting with the stuff of fairy-tales: a misguided king who learns a lesson through trial and discovery, a heroic battle, the separation and reunion of brothers and their sister, and a wife who overcomes her husband's misguided test of fidelity.

Imogen, promised to an unworthy suitor by her father, King Cymbeline, secretly weds her true love, causing his banishment. But in time, truth triumphs over evil and misunderstanding in this transcendant tale.

This rare production of one Shakespeare's most sweeping and beautiful masterpieces will be directed by Larry Carpenter.


  • John InnesCornelius
  • Richard J. McGoniagleLord / Brother of Posthumus
  • Sheila AllenQueen
  • Bryant WeeksPosthumus Leonatus
  • Lyn WrightImogen
  • Howard WittCymbeline
  • Dan MasonPisanio
  • John Christopher JonesCloten
  • James BodgeLord
  • Roberta WillisonHelen / Mother of Posthumus / Ensemble
  • Jonathan WoodPhilario
  • Gary SloanIachimo
  • Christopher VasquezFrenchman
  • Raphael NashCaius Lucius
  • Jack AransonBelarius
  • Matthew LoneyGuiderius
  • Keith Hamilton CobbArviragus
  • Kip KeithCaptain / Brother of Posthumus / Ensemble
  • Jonathan WoodGaoler
  • Christopher VasquezSicilius Leonatus / Ensemble
  • Elisabeth AdwinEnsemble
  • Vincent D'ErricoEnsemble
  • Steve JonesEnsemble
  • Jim LoutzenhiserEnsemble
  • Loman C. McClintonEnsemble
  • Raphael PeacockEnsemble
  • Julianne ZinkewiczEnsemble
  • William ShakespearePlaywright
  • John FalabellaScenic Design
  • David MurinCostume Design
  • Marcia MadeiraLighting Design
  • Scott KillianOriginal Music
  • David LeongFight Direction

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