The Misanthrope is a 17th-century comedy of manners that satirizes the hypocrisies of French aristocratic society. The play differs from other farces at the time by employing dynamic characters like Alceste and Célimène as opposed to the traditionally flat characters used by most satirists to criticize problems in society. It also differs from most of Molière's other works by focusing more on character development and nuances than on plot progression. Though not a commercial success in its time, the play survives as Molière's best known work today.


  • Moliere Playwright Moliere Playwright
  • Stephen MarkleAlceste
  • Munson HicksPhilinte
  • James HarperOronte
  • Catherine CoxCèliméne
  • Monica MerrymanÈliante
  • Jennifer HarmonArsinoe
  • Frank HankeyAcaste
  • Thomas SchallClitandre
  • James BodgeBasque
  • Scott KealeyDubois
  • Richard WilburEnglish Translation
  • Edward GilbertDirector
  • John ConklinScenic & Costume Design
  • Beverly EmmonsLighting Design

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