Edmond Rostand's immortal play in which chivalry and wit, bravery and love are forever captured in the timeless spirit of romance. Hercule Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, a cadet (nobleman serving as a soldier) in the French Army during Louis XIII's reign, is a brash, strong-willed man of many talents. In addition to being a remarkable duelist, he is a gifted, joyful poet and is also shown to be a musician. However, he has an extremely large nose, which is the reason for his own self-doubt. This doubt prevents him from expressing his love for his distant cousin, the beautiful and intellectual heiress Roxane, as he believes that his ugliness denies him the "dream of being loved by even an ugly woman."


  • Kathleen MulliganOrange Girl / Ensemble
  • Aleksander F. WierzbickiPorter / Ensemble
  • Michael PereiraMusketeer / Ensemble
  • Claude-Albert SaucierMarquis / Ensemble
  • Samuel MaupinCuigy / Ensemble
  • Leonard Kelly-YoungLigniere / Ensemble
  • Mark CapriBaron Christian de Neuvillette
  • JS JohnsonRagueneau / Ensemble
  • Henry J. JordanLe Bret
  • Joyce FideorRoxane
  • Susan BrowningRoxane's Duenna
  • Ned SchmidtkeComte de Guiche
  • Paul RomeroMontfleury / Ensemble
  • Anthony ZerbeCyrano de Bergerac
  • James BodgeFirst Citizen / Ensemble
  • Max DeitchFirst Citizen's Son / Ensemble
  • Dexter WitherellSecond Citizen / A Capuchin / Bertrandou / Ensemble
  • Sally ChamberlainSecond Citizen's Wife / Mother Marguerite / Ensemble
  • William McManusThird Citizen / Ensemble
  • John SearlesLord / Ensemble
  • David RothauserJodelet / Ensemble
  • Ray DooleyVicomte de Valvert / Ensemble
  • Ramons RamosD'Artagnan / Ensemble
  • Diana StagnerLise / Ensemble
  • Gail WheelerSoubrette / Ensemble
  • David LawtonEnsemble
  • Dorothy GallagherEnsemble
  • Christal MillerEnsemble
  • Aleksander F. WierzbickiEnsemble
  • Brian HookerTranslation
  • Jacques CartierDirector
  • Richard M. IsackesScenic Design
  • James Berton HarrisCostume Design
  • Roger MeekerLighting Design
  • Randy KovitzFight Choreography

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