Our Supporters

Huntington Circle

The Huntington Circle recognizes our leadership donors to the Huntington Annual Fund and offers members a range of special benefits. We are grateful to the members of the Huntington Circle and the other donors listed below whose generous Annual Fund gifts support our artistic programs, as well as our award-winning youth, education, and community initiatives. For more information on how to become a Huntington Circle member, please contact Meg White, Director of Major Gifts, at 617 273 1596.

Managing Director Michael Maso with Huntington Trustees and The Jungle Book Featured
Sponsors Jane and Frederick Jamieson. Photo: Michael Blanchard

Sherryl and Gerard Cohen^
Carol G. Deane
Mr. J. David Wimberly
1 anonymous gift

($50,000 — $99,999)
Betsy and David Epstein
Judith and Douglas Krupp Family Foundation
Carol B. Langer
Jane and Neil Pappalardo
Mitchell and Jill Roberts
Nancy and Edward Roberts
John D. Spooner*
Linda and Brooks Zug
1 anonymous gift

($25,000 — $49,999)
John and Bette Cohen
Anne and Stephen Cucchiaro
Jane and Fred Jamieson
Susan and David Leathers
Bill and Linda McQuillan
Katie and Al Merck
William and Helen Pounds
Dola Hamilton Sternberg
Faith and Joseph Tiberio
     Charitable Foundation
Linda and Daniel Waintrup
2 anonymous gifts

($15,000 — $24,999)
Stephen Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Finard
Karen and David Firestone**
Cassandra H. Henderson
Gardner C. Hendrie and Karen Johansen
Arthur C. and Eloise W. Hodges
Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan
     Family Foundation, Inc.
     Ms. Susan B. Kaplan
     & Nancy and Mark Belsky 
Anne M. Morgan
Cokie and Lee Perry
Jan and Joe Roller
Howard and Veronica Wiseman
1 anonymous gift

($10,000 — $14,999)
Jim Dillon and Stone Wiske
William M. Haney, III
Elizabeth and Woody Ives
Nada and Steven Kane
Steve and Michelle Karol
John and Marilyn Keane
Chris Kimball
Tracie L. Longman and
     Chaitanya Kanojia
Sharon and Brad Malt
Robert M. Rosenberg
     in honor of Mary Wolfson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan
Linda H. and Jeffrey S. Thomas

($5,000 — $9,999)
Neal Balkowitsch and Donald Nelson
Jim and Carolyn Birmingham
Susan and Michael Brown
Katie and Paul Buttenwieser
Ronni and Ron Casty
Fay Chandler
Suzanne Chapman
Brant Cheikes and Janine Papesh
Julian and Barbara Cherubini
John Cini and Star Lancaster
J. William Codinha and
     Carolyn Thayer Ross
Betsy and David Cregger
Wayne Davis and Ann Merrifield
Amey A. DeFriez
Dean K. Denniston, Jr.
Charles and JoAnne Dickinson
Ellen and Kevin Donogue
Susan Ellerin
Arthur Epstein and Bryna Litchman
Debbie and Bob First
Tom and Nancy Hamilton
Elliott and Marjorie Hillback
Ann-Ellen Hornidge and Edward Murphy
Alan Johnson
Seth and Mary Kaufman
Howard and Kate Kilguess
Adrienne Kimball
Loren B. Kovalcik /
     IntePros Consulting
David A. Kronman
Joie Lemaitre
John and Jean Lippincott
Gretchen Long
Gregory Maguire
The Mancuso Family
Rebecca Milikowsky
Sharon Miller
Jeffrey Dover and Tania Phillips
Bryan Rafanelli
Gail Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tritman
Mary Wolfson
Christopher R. Yens and Temple Gill
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Zilberfarb
1 anonymous gift 

* A portion of this gift has been made in memory of Susan F. Spooner

** A portion of this gift has been made in honor of John D. Spooner

A portion of this gift supports the Huntington's endowment

Member of The Hunt, the Huntingtons young donor program

‡ deceased

This list reflects gifts received during the 14 months prior to May 5, 2014

($2,500 — $4,999)
Charles and Kathleen Ames
Norman Appel
Linda Cabot Black Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Boger
Nancy and Richard Brickley
Paul Buddenhagen
John Burgess and Nancy Adams
Kevin and Virginia Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Counts
McLane and Tenney Cover
Bob and Bobo Devens
Virginia Drachman and Douglas Jones
Jerome and Vivien Facher
Marsha Feinberg
Betsy and Mike Feldmann
Robert Fine and Matthew Fine
Donald and Catherine Frederico
John Frishkopf and David King
Norman and Madeline Gaut
Eric P. Geller and Cathy Thorn
Deirdre Girard and Stephen Faria
Paul Greenfield and Sandy Steele
Karen and Gary Gregg
Betsy and David Harris
Rob and Scottie Held
Prof. and Mrs. Morton Z. Hoffman
Janice and Roger Hunt
Kathy and Hubie Jones
Katharine D. Kane‡
Linda and Steven Kanner
Mr. and Mrs. Northrup Knox, Jr.
Ted and Ann Kurlanp
Deborah Lewish and
     Robert Grinberg
Leslie Lundberg,
     in memory of Jeanette Simon
Charles Marz
Mike and Mary McConnell
Jack Fabiano and Noel McCoy
Thalia Meehan and Gretchen Grimshaw
Marianne and Richard Moscicki
Jonette Nagai and Stephen O'Brien
Patricia and Frank Noonan
Meredith and Bob Pitts
Dr. and Mrs. John
     William Poduska, Sr. 
Deborah and S. Caesar Raboy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Rawson,
     in memory of Marjorie
     and Edward Rawson 
Victoria and John Rizzi
Daniel Romanow
Anne L. Seamans
Bruce and Emily Stangle
Rumena and Alex Senchak#
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor
Wendall Taylor
Deborah D. Thornton and
     William Tommasino
John Travis
Pamela Tucker and George Pettee
Juliet Turner
Elizabeth and Caleb White
Bertie and Anthony Woeltz
Jerold and Abbe Beth Young
3 anonymous gifts

($1,500 — $2,499)
Alice and Walter Abrams
Carole and Leonard Alkins
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Arky
Liliana and Hillel Bachrach
Bruce and Denise Bauman
Deborah L. Benson and
     Frederic J. Marx
Jean Berko Gleason
Joseph L. Bower
Lynda and John Christian
Nancy Ciaranello
Rosalie and Bertram Cohen
Ken and Ginny Colburn
Beth and Linzee Coolidge
Nancy Myers Coolidge
Roy F. and Susan Coppedge
Catherine and Peter Creighton
Laura and Neil Cronin
David Dalena and
     Brian Patton
Stephen Elman and
     Joanne D'Alcomo
Winifred Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. William Fink
Newell Flather
Carol and Tony Friscia
Ralph and Caroline Gakenheimer
Marybeth and Chris Gordon
Deirdre Girard and Stephen Faria
Peter and Jacqueline Gordon
Paul and Priscilla Gray
Katherine Haltom
H. Patricia Hanna
Katherine Kallis
Paul and Elizabeth Kastner
Jared and Songemi Keyes
Richard and Dorothy Koerner
Susan and David Kohen
Martha Leibbrandt and
     Val Cheever
Cecilie Lemley
Stuart and Yvonne Madnick
Louise and Sandy McGinnes
Jack and Susan McNamara
John and Dorothy McQuillan
Amy Merrill
Anik and Sita Merchea#
Coleen and David Pantalone
Jackie and Bob Pascucci
Marianne Pasts
Dr. Susan E. Bennett and Dr. Gerald Pier
Steven J. Ralston and
     William Robert Hair
Sally C. Reid and John D. Sigel
Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Robbins
Diane Rosenberg
Dr. Paul S. Russell
Mr. Marilyn Sarles and
     Mr. H. Jay Sarles
Stephen Schwartz and Coralie Berg
Linda Shannon and Jim Fitzgerald
Jane E. Shattuck
M.H. Sirvetz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Southgate
Vivian and Lionel Spiro
Helen and Jack Stewart
Lisa and Myles Striar
Kenneth R. Traub and
     Pamela K. Cohen
Joanna and Nigel Travis
Drs. Stephen and Elizabeth Trehu
Robert Walters
Mindee Wasserman
Nancy E. Watters and Stephen B. Sayre
Drs. Katie and Ronald Weinger
Ike and Noa Williams
3 anonymous gifts



Friends of the Huntington

Associate Director of Marketing Meredith Mastroianni with Trustees Sherry and Gerry Cohen and
Properties Master Kristine Holmes at the 2014 Spotlight Spectacular. Photo: Paul Marotta

LEADING ROLE ($750 — $1,499)
Richard Albee, in honor of Sherry and Gerry Cohen • George and Katharine Baker • Dr. and Mrs. John Bassett • Kate and Gordon Baty • Calvin J. Beckett • Leonard and Jane Bernstein • Barbara and William Boger • Geri and Bill Brehm • Kenneth Brown • Kathleen and Peter Chase • Peggy and Anton Chernoff • Marcus Cohn • Daniel Cottrell • Stephen Conner • Dennis Condon and Robert Cummings • Jane Brock-Wilson, in honor of Carol Deane • Elio Fine • Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Garrison • Sharon and Irving Gates • Mark E. Glasser and Frank G. McWeeny • Rock and Stana Gnatovich • Drs. Laura Green and David Golan • Garth and Lindsay Greimann • Michael Greensberg • Jay and Donna Hanflig • Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hartmann • Bucky and Clifton Helman • Stephen Hibbard, in honor of David Wimberly • Bob Hiss and Mary Riffe Hiss • Joyce Huber • Lindsey Humes • Holly and Bruce Johnstone • Stephen and Jill Karp • Mary S. and Duncan Kennedy • Dr. and Mrs. James Kolb • Yuriko Kuwabara and Walter Dzik • Louise Kwan • Ann F. Lopez • Caroline Loughlin • Joseph Machera • Barbara A. Manzolillo • Joan and John McArdle • Sarah M. McGinty • Christina Millet • Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell, in memory of Virginia Wimberly • Mr. and Mrs. William Mullin • Eric and Elizabeth Nordgren • Richard Belin and Rosanne O’Brien • Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Powell • Mr. and Mrs. Murray Preisler • Warren R. Radtke and Judith Lockhart-Radtke • Jane and Michael Roberts • Geoffrey and Susan Rowley • Jessica and David Reed • William R. Sapers • John H. Straus and Liza Ketchum • Arnold and Gloria Tofias • Roland Turmaine • Celina Valadao • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Walther • Ulrike Mende and Pam Weagraff • Wayne and Cynthia Zafft • 3 anonymous gifts

FEATURED ROLE ($500 — $749)
Jane Anderson • Nancy and Rein Beeuwkes • Howard H. Bengele • Lincoln and Edith Boyden • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bradley • Lee and Pam Bromberg • Barbara Buntrock- Schuerch • Thomas Burger and Andree Robert • Cara and Anthony Casendino • Kathleen and Peter Chase • George and Mary Chin • Andrea Clardy • Connie Coburn and James Houghton • Alison Conant and Richard Frank • The Dammann Fund • Josh and Jennifer Davis • Marguerite Davoren • Carol G. Deane, in memory of Katherine D. Kane • Richard Donoho • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drouilhet • Phyllis Ellsworth • Peggy Engel • Martha A. Erickson • Virginia Ferko • Jim Foley • Timothy Fulham • Kathryn L. Gann and Jonathan S. Reichner • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gates • Pamela and John Gerstmayr • Bernice Goldman and David Gaynor • Mr. K. Frank Gravitt • Ms. Ann Hall • Gail Hardenbergh • Eunice Harps • Bruce Hauben and Joyce Brinton • Mr. and Mrs. John Heine • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas High • Barbara Hirshfield and Cary Coen, in honor of Sherry and Gerry Cohen • Paul and Patricia Hogan • Nancy Hurlbut • Julia Karol# • Jane Katims • Nancy F. Korman • Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. Lees • Patricia Leighfield • Sondra Levenson • Drs. Sidney and Lynne Levitsky • Ms. Willetta Lewis and Dr. David A. Thomas • Priscilla Loring • Anthony and Marybel Lucas • Nancy Lukitsch • Lorraine Lyman • John Lynch • William and Camille Malamud • Jane Manopoli • John and Sally Matson • Robert McCarty • Kathy McGirr and Keith Carlson • John Metzger • Forrest and Sara Milder • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Mitchell • Jerry and Mary Nelson • Eric Nestler • Lise Olney and Timothy Fulham • Daniel Park# • Adam Parrish • Patricia Patricelli • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Proulx • Howard and Sharon Rich • Timothy M. Rivinus • Richard Roberts • Charlotte Robinson • Mr. and Mrs. Churchill G. Rood, in honor of David Wimberly • Kathleen and William Rousseau • Phyllis and Sam Rubinovitz • Susan Pioli and Martin Samuels • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schechter, in honor of Neal Balkowitsch and Donald Nelson • Diane and Richard Schmalensee • William Schutten • Barbara Stack • Gail Steketee and Brian McCorkle • Steve Stelovich • Hope and Adam Suttin • Lisbeth Tarlow and Stephen Kay • Kemon and Rhoda Taschioglou • Ben and Kate Taylor • M.K. Terrell • Judy Thomson • Patricia and Ron Tremblay • Dawn Tucker • Robert Vozzella • Scott and Brenda Warner • Thomas L. Waye • Ruth and Harry Wechsler • Constance V.R. White • Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Willis • John Wolfarth and Kevin Powers • Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Woo • Mrs. Shann J. Wood • 8 anonymous gifts

Members of The Hunt enjoy exclusive lounge access at a 35 Below event.

SUPPORTING ROLE ($250 — $499)
Sunny and Jonathan Adler • David and Holly Ambler • Peter Ambler • Michael Ansara, in honor of Donna Glick • David Aptaker and Sherry Reisner • Leonard and Sara Aronson • Mr. and Mrs. Randal August • Patricia Baillieul • Barbershop Deluxe • Emily Barclay and John Hawes • Arlene Barnard • Robin Barnes and David Bor • Noralie Barnett • Charles and Carol Barney • Jeanne A. Barr* • Harriet Barry • Auli and Ken Batts • Mr. and Mrs. George Beal • John and Molly Beard • Louis and Nancy Beckerman • Diane Bedrosian • Danielle Belanger and Robert Sparkes • David Benziger • Jonas Berman • Abigail Beutler • Robert Bienkowski • Sarah Bixler • Scott Bliss • Donald and Ellen Bloch • Edward Boesel • Adam Bonosky, in memory of William and Jennie Mromor • Lori Bornstein and Alan Rothman • Dr. and Mrs. Neal Bornstein • Richard and Margaret Bowen • Jeanne M. Brady • Eric and Sandra Brenman • Jeremiah J. Bresnahan • Drs. Irene and Clifford Briggin • Dianne Brown • Kathleen and David Bryson • Ruth Budd and John Ehrenfeld • Allan and Rhea Bufferd • William Buffett and Susan Kennedy • Bunker Hill Florist • Holly and Daniel Burnes • Lisa Burr • Mark Burstein and Annie Lacourt • Eric Butler • Robert Buxbaum • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Byron • Elizabeth Cady • Robert Caplis# • Mrs. Jean Cain • Mary Jo Campbell • Robert Carey and Anne Quirk • Tracey Cargile • Carol Chandler • Wei-Wei Chang • Lisa Cherbuliez • Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Cheston, Jr. • John Clippinger • Cary Coen • Priscilla Cogan • Marsha Cohen • Janet L. Comey, in honor of Michael Comey • Wilbur Commodore • Thomas Concannon, Jr. • Connor and Moreno Family • Carolyn Cox-Flanagan • James F. Crowley • Sue Dahlie • Stuart Davidson • Mr. and Mrs. William De Ford Jr • Terry O. Decima • Judy DeFilippo • Bill and Kay DeFord • Virginia DePasqua George and Christine Dhionis • Kristine Dillon and John Curry • Doris Downey • Dr. and Mrs. Ben Duffy • Susan Edwards • Dr. Rachela Elias and Mr. Gedalia Pasternak • Evelyn Estey • Vedat Eyuboglu • Ellen Fallon • Mr. and Mrs. James Feldman • Barry and Lisa Fireman • Glenda and Bob Fishman • Pierre Fleurant • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Floyd • Patricia Fraser • Kelly and David Frederickson • Sarah Freedman • Leslie and Michael Gaffin • Trish and Michael Galasso • Jeanne Garrison and Tim Stein • Edward and Marijane Geary • Mr. and Mrs. John Ghublikian • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gilbert • Lori and Michael Gilman • Libby G. Ginnetti and Susan B. Parker • Herbert and Nancy Gleason • Steven Glovsky • Rimma Gluzman • Julie Anne Goetee • Jason and Melanie Goins# • Phil Gormley and Erica Bisguier • Scott Greenbaum, in honor of Ellis Jacobson • Vantage Point Financial • Terrence Guiney • Rena Gyftopoulos • Stella Hammond • Edward J. Hanley • Meredith Hanrahan-Boshes • James Harburger MD and J. Bridget Reischer • Dr. and Mrs. George Hatsopoulos • Roger and Adelaide Haynes • Kyle Hemingway Dickinson# • Dr. Galen Henderson • Margaret N. Henderson and Loretta Henderson • Yolanda K. Henderson • Alfio Hernandez • John and Olivann Hobbie • Mark and Cindy Holthouse • Dr. Robert and Jennie Hopkins • Donald Hunsicker • Mr. and Mrs. David Hurwitz • Thereza Imanishi-Kari • Eleanor Iselin • Sherry Jacobs • Mr. and Mrs. Ellington and Renee Jackson • Andronike E. Janus • Peter Jenney • Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Johnson • Norman Johnson • Ora Johnson • Richard Johnston • Iris Jones • Christine Junge • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kalowski • Cedric and Elizabeth Kam • Nancy and Marshall Kaplan • Amelia and Joshua Katzen • Marcia Kaufman • Tosh Kawakami • Elizabeth Kellogg • Marc Kelley, in memory of Dr. Chris Gilmartin • Michael Kemp • Joshua Klaris • Paul and Tracy Klein • Rachel Klein, in honor of Abe and Tillie Shanes • Jason Korb • Drs. Carol and Ben Kripke • Sandra M. Kunz • George Langer • Regina C. Larson • Leslie Lawrence • Carol Lazarus • Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Leape • Timothy Leland and Julie Hatfield • Lisa Lenon and William Stanton • Nancy Levy in honor of Sherry and Gerry Cohen • Dr. Sanford and Rosalyn Levy • Mrs. Theodore Libby • Susan and David Lincoln • Patricia A. Lingen • Elizabeth Lintz • Sam Lippe • Sandra Litner, in honor of Glenda and Bob Fishman • Tai Liu • Babette and Peter Loring • Jane C. Lyman • Dennis and Nancy Lynch • Ron and Anne Mackenzie • Peter and Yvette Madany • Melissa Mahoney • Joseph Malloy • Jamie Manion • David and Christine Manns • Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, Jr. • John and Donna McColgan • Hope and Shaw McDermott • Mr. and Mrs. Shaun McDonough • Edward McGough • Kyle McKenna • Barbara and Don McLagan • Paul McLean and Mary-Margaret Segraves • Lauren McShay • Charles Merrill and Julie Boudreax • Michael and Debby Miller • Chris and Cathy Milton • Dorian Mintzer and David Feingold • Dr. and Mrs. F. Moavenzadeh • Margaret Mone • John Moore • Stephen A. Moore • Cheryl Moreau • Daniel and Mayo Morgan • Daniel Motsinger • Andrew Musto • Louise Myers • Teresa Myers and Mark Jrolf • Nancy and Bob Nesbit • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Oddleifson • Tim and Helen O’Connor • Mary Norato-Indeglia • Thomas Novak • Janna Oddleifson • Constance Page • James Orlin and Lark Palermo • Lawrence and Suzanne Palmacci • Patricia Patricelli • Katharine and Antohny Pell • Lauren Pitalis • Josephine Pizzuto • James and Jeanette Post • James Poterba and Nancy Rose • Warren Pyle • Mr. and Mrs. Martin Quitt • Pamela M. Racicot • Tom and Jane Rattigan • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reardon • John and Lynn Reichenbach • Sherry Reisner • Ursula and James Renier • Lucille Rexroad • Margaret Ridge • Muriel R. Ridley • Gerald Riffelmacher • Dr. Ana-Maria Rizzuto • Peter Rogers • Steve Rosenblum • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rotenberg • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothenberg • Linda Rowe and John Tagiuri • Norman and Ethel Sadowsky • Dr. and Mrs. Vinod Sahney • Rohini Sakhusa • David and Anne Salant • Marvin Schorr • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schwarz • Kim and Eric Schultz • Rebecca Segal • Mr. and Ms. David Sherman • David Shepherd and Rena Gyftopoulos • David Shuckra • David Siegel • Edythe Simon • Ellen L. Simons • Dominique Singer • Alfred and Gilda Slifka • Mark Smith and John O’Keefe • Peter L. Smith and Donna J. Coletti • Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Smith • Betsy and Bert Snyder • Rachael Solem • Nancy and Edward Stavis • Isabelle Stillger and Scott Chappel • Beth and Michael Stonebraker • Glenn and Katherine Strehle • Mr. and Mrs. Vcevold Strekalovsky • Ellen Beth Suderow • Marshall Sugarman and Darline Lewis • Beth and Larry Sulak • Farley N. Sullivan • Richard Sweeney • Rosemary and Marc Tambouret • Bruce Tanzer • Rose Tavano, in memory of Daralyn Burns • Jacob Taylor and Jean Park • Janet Testa • Kedar Thakur • Mr. and Mrs. Detlev Vagts • Jane Valbert • Deb and David Vellante • Andy and Wendy Vincent • Patricia Vinter • Kenneth Virgile and Helene Mayer • Ronit and Herb Voigt • Michelle Volpe# • Kirsten Waerstad • David and Susan Wahr • Wendy Warring and Troy Brennan • Ronney Weiss • Scott Weiss • Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Weidenhamer • Mrs. Lewis R. Weintraub • Sylvia Welsh • Karolye White • Charles and Mary Sue Willie • Kathryn A. Willmore • Richard and Frances Winneg • Elizabeth P. Wolf • Jeremy Wolfe and Julie Sandell, in honor of Michael Maso for the Tony • Dr. Elaine Woo • Jean Worsh • David C. Wright • Jack Wrobel • Mr. and Mrs. John Wyman • Justin and Genevieve Wyner • Lorena and Robert Zeller • Suzanne Zellner • 15 anonymous gifts

This list reflects gifts received during the 14 months prior to May 5, 2014.


Member of The Hunt, the Huntingtons young donor program



Corporate, Foundation, and Government Donors

Grand Patron
Boston University

Lead Producers Circle
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Barr Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Calderwood Charitable Foundation
The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

Executive Producers Circle
Bank of America
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Artistic Producers Circle
The Hershey Family Foundation
High Output*
Kingsbury Road Charitable Foundation
Liberty Mutual Insurance
National Endowment for the Arts
SenovvA, Inc.*

Associate Producers Circle
The Abbey Group
Be Our Guest*
BPS Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors
John Moriarty and Associates
MAX Ultimate Food*
PR Restaurants LLC
Yawkey Foundation II

Bingham McCutchen LLP
Danversbank Charitable Foundation and
   People's United Bank
Esther B. Kahn Charitable Foundation
Lucy R. Sprague Memorial Fund
Schrafft Charitable Trust
Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable
The Tiny Tiger Foundation
Van Otterloo Family Foundation
Whole Foods Market*

playwrights Circle
5 Napkin Burger
Bittersweet Gardens*
Brookline Bank
Cambridge Savings Bank
Cambridge Trust Company
The Druker Company
EST / Alfred P. Sloan Project
Harpoon Brewery
Noble Ford Productions*
Staples, Inc.
TJX Foundation

Designers Circle
($2,500 - $4,999)
Boston Cultural Council
Eaton Vance Corporation
Helen G. Hauben Foundation
Jackson and Irene Golden 1989 Charitable
Massachusetts Port Authority
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Wilson Butler Architects 

actors Circle
Hingham Institution for Savings

*Includes In-Kind support

 As of May 2014



In-Kind Donors

  Grand Patron
  Proud sponsor of the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts
  Official caterer of the Huntington Theatre Company
  Cookies for concessions at the Boston University Theatre and the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA are provided by Whole Foods. All sales proceeds benefit the productions and programs of the Huntington Theatre Company.

We gratefully recognize the following in-kind donors for their generous support of the 2015 Spotlight Spectacular auctions.

Live Auction Contributors

  • Boston Red Sox
  • Carol G. Deane
  • Peter DuBois
  • Michelle and Steve Karol
  • Christopher Kimball
  • Billy Porter
  • Residence Inn Boston/ Back Bay Fenway
  • Sentient Jet
  • Nan Weatherhorn

Premiere Auction Contributors

  • Stephen Chapman
  • Dwyer Photography, Inc
  • William and Denise Finard
  • Frame Gallery
  • Galerie d'Orsay
  • Hotel Commonwealth
  • Mandarin Oriental, Boston
  • Michael Stone Portraits
  • Mizu Boston
  • Nantucket Wine Festival
  • OKW, Inc.
  • Jan & Joseph Roller
  • Spectacle Eyeware
  • Stave Puzzles, Inc.
  • Studio Eleven
  • Winston Flowers

This list reflects gifts received in 2015


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