"'M'ASTERFUL Ryan Landry strikes gold again!" - Boston Herald
"Ryan Landry's 'M' proposes that laughter is the best medicine." - The Boston Globe
"A wildly wacky demonstration of what happens when a brilliant mind is given the keys to the candy store." - South Shore Critic
"Ryan Landry is a unique talent. He has brilliantly created a play of intellectual depth and laugh-aloud humor." - Berkshire Fine Arts

Light and shadow, comedy and drama. Elusive elements all, now mashed together in the dazzling crescendo of Ryan Landry's sur-really screwball take on Fritz Lang's masterpiece M. Watch with glee (and horror) as the genius behind the legendary Gold Dust Orphans brings his delirious imagination to this hilarious and heart-stirring new adaptation of the film noir classic. Warning: not for the faint of heart!

Learn more about the original film by Fritz Lang.

"Ryan’s genre-breaking, gender-bending brand of theatre unites puppets and a classic suspense film. It won't be for the faint of heart, but it will be amazing. I am as excited as anyone to see what happens." - Artistic Director Peter DuBois





  • A Scene from M (film)

    A clip of Fritz Lang’s 1931 film.


  • Pussy in the House: in rehearsal with the Gold Dust Orphans

    Playwright Ryan Landry talks to Time Out New York about his play Pussy on the House


  • Fritz Lang's M

    Watch the complete Fritz Lang film that inspired the play, featuring Peter Lorre in the role of the killer.


  • Peter DuBois on Ryan Landry's "M"

    Artistic Director Peter DuBois discusses the irreverent genius of local playwright Ryan Landry and his process of turning Fritz Lang's iconic German film noir M into a nightmarish good time (with puppets).



  • Ryan Landry's "M" First Rehearsal: the Meet & Greet

    Come behind the scenes of the first rehearsal for Ryan Landry's "M" at the Huntington, and hear opening remarks from Artistic Director Peter DuBois, director Caitlin Lowans, and of course, playwright Ryan Landry himself.



  • Ryan Landry's "M" Costume Design Presentation

    "M" Costume Designer Scott Martino (with a little help from playwright Ryan Landry) presents his costume designs and inspirations, and explains the process of bringing Fritz Lang's visuals to the stage.



  • Exploding "M": Behind the Scenes of Ryan Landry's "M" at the Huntington

    Ryan Landry doesn't just adapt plays — he explodes them. Come behind the scenes of the world premiere of Ryan Landry's "M" at the Huntington in these exclusive interviews with director Caitlin Lowans and cast members Larry Coen, Karen MacDonald, Ellen Adair, and Paul Melendy.



  • Ryan Landry's "M" Teaser Trailer

    Watch a scene from Ryan Landry's "M", recreated with footage from the original Fritz Lang film, featuring the voices of Paul Melendy ("Man") and Ellen Adair ("Woman").



  • Ryan Landry's "M" Scenic Design Presentation

    "Gaugin said that art is either plagiarism or revolution. I like to think that we're revolutionizing plagiarism." "M" Scenic Designer Jon Savage


  • A Scene from Ryan Landry's "M"

    A scene from Ryan Landry's "M", recreated using footage from the original Fritz Lang film. The Producer (Larry Coen) discovers that his theatrical adaptation of the classic noir film M has been sabotaged by a Romantic Comedy plotline, and he begins to search for both the playwright and the elusive murderer of the title. Also featuring cast members David Drake, Laura Latreille, and Samantha Richert.



  • My First Time With Ryan Landry: Larry Coen

    "M" cast member Larry Coen talks about the first time he met playwright Ryan Landry, and his experience working with Ryan's company, the Gold Dust Orphans. 



  • Ryan Landry's "M" Production Photos

    Photo credit: T. Charles Erickson



  • The Mark of M

    From the Criterion Collection release of the Fritz Lang film that inspired the play.


  • Ryan Landry's "M" is Among Us

    Fritz Lang and Ryan Landry are men of unique vision. But whereas the stark, single-minded intensity of Lang’s oeuvre defined the German Expressionist movement, Landry’s creativity rejects monomaniacal auteurship in favor of an aesthetic that scavenges, remixes, and re-imagines with a fierce audacity. The results, though, are every bit as singular.


  • Looking For The Next Frontier: Ryan Landry's Playwriting Career

    How did Ryan Landry — the playwright-performer-impresario famous for irreverent takes on the classics — end up onstage at the Huntington — an established regional theatre whose interpretations of the classics lean toward the reverent? 


  • From Audience Member to Auteur: The Ridiculous Beginnings of Ryan Landry

    Playwright Ryan Landry remembers the moment he knew where he belonged as an artist. 


  • The Bizarro World of Ryan Landry

    “When I was young, I was very into comic books,” recalls playwright Ryan Landry. “Superman would often visit a ‘Bizarro World’ where everything was the same, except that the characters were like sculptures made of lead and very roughly cut. It was an alternative universe that ran parallel to the normal one, the one that ‘normal’ people existed in. I think that’s who I am. I am the ‘Bizarro’ playwright.”


  • The Sound of Strangeness: Fritz Land and the Invention of M

    Fritz Lang’s is a bizarre story. Perhaps even more than its iconic status, this inherent strangeness has drawn adapters — including Ryan Landry — to fathom its murk.


  • M & "M": The Film by Fritz Lang & the Play by Ryan Landry

    Familiarize yourself with the story of Fritz Lang's M, which served as the inspiration and jumping off for Ryan Landry's "M" at the Huntington.


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"A wildly wacky demonstration of what happens when a brilliant mind is given the keys to the candy store. Hands down, the most creative work seen on a Boston stage this season." — South Shore Critic
"'M'ASTERFUL Ryan Landry strikes gold again!" — Boston Herald
"As always, Landry's imagination runs riot. Ryan Landry's "M" proposes that laughter is the best medicine." — The Boston Globe
"BRILLIANT! A spectacularly staged and terrifically performed theatrical event!" Berkshire Fine Arts
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Audience Buzz

"Amazing show, I highly recommend it. One of the most entertaining nights I've had at the theatre in a while." — Colleen Evans on Facebook
"A brilliant stage design. Fabulous light and sound and projection -- the whole thing is sensational. " — Kathleen A. Foster on Facebook
"Ryan Landry's "M" at the Huntington was a delight. Why is he not known as a national treasure?"  — @ltg_jon
"Thoroughly entertained and fascinated by Ryan Landry's "M" @Huntington."  — @vibes530
"Saw Ryan Landry's "M" @Huntington last night. One of the funniest plays I've seen."  — @rickchason
"Still thinking about last night's opening for Ryan Landry's "scat-aptation" of Fritz Lang's M.— @robcaplis
"I need to see #M @Huntington again and then discuss with others!@ Still processing the show from last night."  — @amanda-curtis


  • Are You Ready For Ryan Landry?

    From Wicked Local, April 3, 2013: "Not many people watch Fritz Lang’s creepy 1931 noir thriller M — a movie about a serial killer who targets children — and think, 'Let’s turn that into a comedy!" But then, not many people are Ryan Landry. . . "
  • Ryan Landry Dishes on "M" at the Huntington

    From Boston Spirit Magazine, March 30, 2013: "'Prestigious? What exactly is that supposed to mean?' Landry replied in response to a question about his new play 'M' being produced by the 'prestigious' Huntington Theatre Company. 'In my humble opinion, the word "prestigious" should go the way of "upscale" and "High End." All should be wiped away, flushed and left for the sanitation department to handle.' . . . "
  • Ryan Landry Ups His Game On A New Stage

    From The Boston Globe, March 23, 2013: "At 6-foot-2, wearing a bright pink shirt and red sneakers, Ryan Landry was hard to miss as he led a whirlwind backstage tour at the Huntington Theatre Company on a recent Friday. Preparations were underway all around for his play, Ryan Landry’s "M" beginning performances Friday at the Boston Center for the Arts, and Landry spread cheer wherever he went . . . "


  • Ellen AdairThe Woman
  • Eva Jean ChapuranLittle Girl (select performances)
  • Ava Rose CookeLittle Girl (select performances)
  • Larry CoenThe Pig / Ensemble
  • David DrakeFritz / Ensemble
  • Laura LatrielleSchlitz / Ensemble
  • Karen MacDonaldM
  • Paul MelendyThe Man
  • Samantha RichertOlga / Ensemble
  • Ryan LandryPlaywright
  • Caitlin LowansDirector
  • Jon SavageScenic Design
  • Scott MartinoCostume Design
  • Deb SullivanLighting Design
  • David RemediosOriginal Music / Sound Design
  • Garrett HerzigProjection Design
  • Roxanna MyhrumPuppetry Director
  • Carola Morrone LaCosteProduction Stage Manager

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