Educating Rita: First Rehearsal Day For Props & Costumes

by:  Rebecca Bellan at 02/15/2011

Progress in Costumes and Props is underway for the upcoming production of Educating Rita.

The first rehearsal for the play was yesterday, and the costume shop used this opportunity to sketch out the many quick costume changes that the main character, Rita, has to make throughout the show.

Raincoat under construction

“Because of the early build, we were actually able to make some quick-change mockups for Rita out of her muslins,” said Anita Canzian. The quick changes are very quick, and they are all on stage. “We’re talking 15 to 20 second changes, and that’s for everything: jewelry, shoes, and clothes,” said Canzian.

Costume designer Nancy Brennan has already decided on what the actors will be wearing.

Props is making moves, as well. They already met with the designer, and he pulled some furniture and other things that he likes from stock. They have most of the props that they need for the upcoming production, but are still working on finding a few things.

Antique Partners desk found by Props

“For rehearsal yesterday, we basically set it up with exact dimensions and are trying to get the actors as much real furniture as possible,” said Justin Seward. “The biggest thing we’re still looking for now is the desk. It’s supposed to look like an antique, worn, like it’s been in the office for a long time, even before the professor was there.”

Props will be going antiquing this week or the next to find a desk that fits their needs. Other than the desk and some other finishing touches, they’re good to go for rehearsal.& “I think we’re in good shape,” said Seward.

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