Thanks for a Great Evening with Sutton Foster!

by:  MIchelle Cicerano, Special Events Coordinator at 11/19/2010

On behalf of the entire Development team, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved with the many pieces of the puzzle that all came together so beautifully for Monday night's fundraising events and performance of An Evening with Sutton Foster

From the very beginning, several departments, along with our Board co-chairs Neal Balkowitsch, Anne Cucchairo, John Frishkopf and Debbie Lewis, pulled together to help conceive the event and to make it all happen, and I am extremely proud of our teamwork and grateful to have had the wonderful support of so many co-workers. We couldn't have done it without you, and everyone did such an outstanding job! 

We are still tallying the financial results, but based on the raves we've been getting from guests, the evening was an overwhelming success. The dinner party guests had a fabulous time, and if you were in the audience last night, you know how truly spectacular Sutton's performance was. It was a very special moment for the Huntington to have her here with us!

There was a real warmth to the entire event and our guests sincerely enjoyed the various dinners and venues, the outstanding performance and, of course, the post-show reception with Sutton.

What did you you think of the show? I downloaded her album WISH from iTunes on the way home myself...


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