TCG: Stage Matters

by:  Todd Williams at 11/10/2010

Here's a really interesting video about how/why theatre matter from some of our friends from around the country and right here in Boston. You might be surprised. Produced by our friends at TCG. It's a little small here - so I recommend you watch it full screen.

Stage Matters from Theatre Communications Group on Vimeo.

Why does Theatre matter to you?

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  1. I strongly bveiele that the Yonge corridor needs a subway and not an LRT system like some suggest on this site. Though LRT maybe more feasible in terms of cost it doesn’t address that type of commuting pattern that exist in that area. LRTs are meant for local trips and a majority of the people coming in from York Region will be using system for long haul trips. Also keep in mind the VIVA already plans several LRT/BRT projects for the Yonge/Highway 7 corridor beyond where the new subway line will be, so I don’t think local transit be so much of an issue in York Region anyways. My only issue is the phasing of this project in relation to the DRL and the Go Express Rail. I would hope Metrolinx prioritizes the DRL first followed by the Yonge Subway extension and then the GO Express Line.On a side note is it me or has anyone noticed that with all the transit announcements we've been hearing about over the last 3 yrs (starting with the Spadina subway extension back in 2006) not one of these projects has started construction. I’m sorry but i don't consider a couple of engineer marks on Sheppard Ave E progress, or better yet a sewage pipe replacement that would probably need replacement anyways before it burst in the winter subway construction .Politicians say most of these project will completed by 2020 I highly doubt it. I'll be surprised if even half of these transit initiatives are completed.Steve: The Spadina line is under construction. Utilities relocation is always part of any subway project, and you can't dig the tunnel until you get everything else out of the way. The tunnel boring machines have been ordered. Stations on the line are in the design stage (there was a big debate at the TTC about Steeles West on October 29 about which I will report in a separate post). Opening date is 2016.The big work that has to be done on Sheppard East is the grade separation at Agincourt. That is needed whether or not there is an LRT line, but the local businesses are in a snit and tar the LRT line with what is really a GO issue. Service is planned to begin in 2013.The EAs are still in progress for Finch and Eglinton, and the latter has several major design issues that will come back for public review later this fall. Finch service is planned to begin in 2015. Eglinton will probably open in stages, given its length, from 2016 through 2019.The SRT project is almost but not quite officially now an LRT project, and that triggers a redesign. The TTC wasted some time by focussing on an RT-centric design and public presentation, but they are now in the final stages of settling the details of the LRT project with Metrolinx (according to TTC's Gary Webster at teh October 29 meeting). The SRT is planned to re-open after reconstruction and extension in 2016.Other major projects include the work on various rail corridors (some now underway) and a major reconfiguration of Union Station that will begin in 2010, with a target completion of late 2014. This will provide over double the existing passenger handling capacity for both the subway and railway (GO) stations.
  2. Finally, on a side note, I think Metrolinx needs to determine which psopored rapid transit routes will suit which need. If you look at the current map, they show express/commuter rail > subway > LRT/BRT. This is great for determining capacity, but there are many psopored LRT/BRTs in the region that will exceed the speeds of rail projects. I think they should draw up a map of travel design. Local rapid transit (999m and under – Bloor-Danforth subway, Transit City), intermediate rapid transit (1000m to 1999m – Spadina subway, Yonge subway through midtown), and regional rapid transit (more than 2km – GO express rail, Yonge subway through North Toronto). This way we can see which lines will meet which psopored purpose, and can plan their future commutes and developments based upon those plans. Kevin saysSee the problem with metrolinx is that when they came out with there RTP it was just a bunch of pretty lines on a map of the GTA. It didn’t address what kind of technology would be used for each line and why. That’s how we got into that whole debate regarding Eglinton (LRT VS ICTS). what a waste of time . On the other hand one shouldn’t put all the blame on metrolinx, for example. When Toronto launched Transit City the plan was also very vague. All we knew was that all the pretty lines they drew up would have some sort of LRT functionality. Two years later the TTC is finding themselves in hole because they realized that at least two of their lines maybe forced underground even though ridership doesn’t warrants it with the exception of Don Mills. Lastly I will like to address that like Metrolinx the TTC also failed to study each line in relation to the entire system because if they did they would have figured out that adding an Eglinton and Finch LRT to the system would have probably put the Yonge subway over capacity regardless if the Richmond hill subway was built.Steve: The only underground section added to Transit City officially at this point is the one on Sheppard from Don Mills to Consumers. Eglinton was always going to be underground in the central section. The south end of Don Mills will have to go underground, but if it does, it should do so as subway, not LRT for reasons already discussed here at length.Transit City was designed as a network, and the expectation was that it would do far more to serve trips that were not core-oriented than adding to subway demand. Metrolinx forecast much higher demands on the TC lines than the TTC did, and this was used to justify the so-called need for ICTS on Eglinton. In fact, Metrolinx has all but renounced their demand estimates certainly with respect to the Georgetown and Richmond Hill corridors in recent documents. Their model grossly overstated demand on the transit networks. [url=]vtojxq[/url] [link=]kjumyd[/link]
  3. Well, at least Toronto politics aren’t birong.However, I would like to suggest that “anti-LRT” would be a better term than “pro-subway”. I’m pro-subway, where and when appropriate, which includes projected ridership and cost among other criteria. I imagine almost everybody here is probably pro-subway by this meaning.Can anybody summarize briefly the rules governing the duration of the debate? Does each councillor get a certain amount of time to speak? What about questions, etc.? I assume there is some sort of time limit and this meeting won’t just get adjourned every day for a month or two or until the provincial government expels city hall from the province.Steve: Here is a brief explanation. There is only one item on the agenda because this is a special meeting, but otherwise most of the debating rules stay the same. The first round allows members to ask questions of staff (a preliminary presentation might have happened at Council, but that's been taken care of already). The list of questioners is maintained by computer with buttons at each Councillor's seat to make standard requests (about which more later). Each member gets 5 minutes for questions and replies. Once that's out of the way, it's time for members to speak to the item.Typically, the first few to speak to an item will either be proposing the item as submitted, or will move amendments to it. A member gets up to 5 minutes to speak, and can request a 2 minute extension. Under former administrations, these extensions were routinely granted on a voice vote, but Rob Ford wants every single vote recorded, and it takes time for everyone to vote for this trivial grace that is always extended to all members. If the member proposed a motion, then other members of Council have 2 minutes to ask questions of the mover. This can take a long time as we shall see later. Members can also speak to a proposal that has come forward in a motion.It is possible that members may offer amendments to others' motions. Sometimes these are friendly changes intended to improve the language, sometimes they are intended to sabotage or poison the motion itself. Keeping track of the strategy on these can get tricky, and knowing procedure helps to ensure that things get voted on in the correct order because they have been properly framed.The pattern of speakers to the main item, possible motions of amendment and questions on the amendment continue until we are through all members who wish to speak. This was close to happening today, but it didn't (see below).Once all of the motions are on the floor and debate is over, the City Clerk organizes them in order of precedence. They are not voted on in the order they are made. Amendments to motions must be voted on before the motions they affect (because this could change the sense of what is proposed), and then come amendments to the item itself. Motions to refer the item to another body or to staff for further study take precedence because if they pass, there is no further debate until the item comes back.What happened to day was that the Fords clearly wanted to run the clock to the scheduled 8 pm adjournment in the hope of having a more favourable voting balance at a future meeting. Councillor Thompson proposed the almost standard motion the Fords put forward when there is an item they don't want refer the whole thing off to staff, or to a committee which Ford controls, where the item will languish. Normally, this would give us a straight up-and-down vote, and the Fords would have known it could not possibly pass. Their strategy was not actually refer the item, but to have every one of their allies speak to the motion thereby preventing any forward motion to actual votes. This is a variation on the schoolboy prank attempted some week ago of denying quorum when a meeting resumed after lunch so that a debate would not continue. Ford will use any procedural trick available to him to block his imminent defeat.This brought us to the scheduled adjournment, and a 2/3 majority is required to waive the previously agreed to Order Paper and change either the time of adjournment, or the time and date of reconvening which have been agreed to at the beginning of the meeting. There were various motions trying to set different lengths of extension and different times to resume, but the standout was The Mayor's proposal that the whole item be put over for two weeks until April 4. Council roundly rejected this. They will be back at 9:30 am on March 22.Yes, it is possible for debate to go interminably, although there is a procedure allowing for closure of debate. However, this requires a 2/3 majority and with the current balance of power, could not be passed. As long as someone comes up with more amendments, we could go on forever with a filibuster. This is an example of responsible government .That's the short version. There are a lot of wrinkles I have left out.
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