Fences...We Have A Problem...

by:  Todd Williams at 09/05/2009

...and it's a good problem to have! Our student matinee of Fences was sold out, and we had requests for another 800 seats, and we're expecting more. So we needed to add another student matinee.

There were about 40 emails back and forth trying to figure out the best solution. The only choice was to make a 9 show week. Something the actors get to approve.

So Peter and Michael wrote a nice letter, and Sondra and Justin headed over to the rehearsal hall to ask their permission. Doing this show for students, bringing them into the world of August Wilson, was something that we thought they would jump at.

Sondra and Justin didn't get the reaction they anticipated. I'll let Sondra tell it in her own words:

"Late this afternoon, I joined Justin when he went to break the news to the Fences cast. Justin's explanation was met with silence, followed by the cast protesting that they were not available, that they could not handle this additional burden, or that they simply would not agree.

After another moment of silence, with neither Justin nor I being quite sure what to say next, laughter ensued... Clearly, someone tipped Kenny off to the reason for our visit, and he decided to pull one over on us."

A fun and happy ending to a nice problem to have. Both of our student matinees are now sold out and we are offering middle and high school groups the opportunity to get into other regular performances at student matinee prices. If your school is interested in coming please contact Meg Wieder at 617 273-1558.

Heck - we'll get any group in at really good prices. If you want to bring your group contact Adam Roberts at 617 273-1525.

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