Want to win free tickets to The Seagull? Introducing #Chekhovgram!

by:  Thom Dunn at 03/07/2014

Hipster Chekhov doesn't believe in "art."

We're pretty excited for The Seagull here at the Huntington, which starts previews in just under 2 weeks. Sure, it's got Maria Aitken at the helm, who's one of our absolute favorite people as well as directors, and there's also an incredible personal family story with Kate Burton and Morgan Richie, the real-life mother and son who play the onstage mother and son in the play. But on top of all that, it's just a gorgeous play about art and love and the inherent struggles within those passions, that are just relevant today as they were in 1898. Chekhov's poetic insights are beautiful and inspirational in any language. So while the production itself is guaranteed to be fantastic, we'd also like to celebrate Chekhov's words — and we want you to celebrate with us.

Introducing: #Chekhovgram.

Taking a cue from Brooklyn Academy of Music and Theatre For A New Audience, #Chekhovgram is an opportunity for you, the audience, to share your artistic talent and love for Chekhov across social media, and maybe even win some free tickets while you're at it. Every morning, we'll post a new quote from The Seagull to our social media feeds — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — as well as keeping a running list on this blog post. Then it's up to you to be inspired. Post something (photo or video) on Instagram that somehow relates to or draws inspiration from that quote and tag it #Chekhovgram and mention us @huntingtontheatreco. Make sure you tag your posts, or we won't be able to see them!

"Ugh, Nashville filter is so bourgeoisie."

Feel free to post as many photos or videos as you'd for each quote. Your posts can be literal or interpretive — creativity and originality are strongly encouraged, but beyond that, it's entirely up to you! Want to Instagram a painting? Go ahead! Instagram a picture of a poem? Sure! Instagram your meal? You're already doing that! You can be silly, you can be profound, or you can be, I don't know, illustrious, if you can find a way to make that make any sense. It doesn't even have to relate to The Seagull at all, so no prior knowledge of the play is required.

We'll announce the top 3 winners overall by next Friday, March 7 (the first day of previews for The Seagull), as well as share some our favorite #Chekhovgram-s. That means that the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win. 

Any questions? Let us know in the comments below! Happy #Chekovgram-ing!

#Chekhovgram Quotes:

  • Fri., March 7 — "You can tell he’s a real poet."
  • Thurs., March 6 — "Now, this is what I call a theater!"
  • Wed., March 5 — "It’ll be so boring around here without you."
  • Tues., March 4 — "Is this supposed to be a symbol, too?"
  • Mon., March 3 — "You are no longer the real you."
  • Sun., March 2 — "True beauty is always a serious matter."
  • Sat., March 1 — "Old people are just like children."
  • Fri., Feb. 28 — "All the men are busy; so are the horses."
  • Thurs., Feb. 27 — "What we need are new forms!"
  • Wed., Feb. 26 — "I have a moon of my own."
  • Tues., Feb. 25 — "There’s no scientific basis for separating soul from matter."
  • Mon., Feb. 24 — "When I’m up there I feel beautiful."

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