Join Us For The LOVE LETTERS Anniversary Party!

by:  Thom Dunn at 01/21/2014

We are excited to welcome The Boston Globe's Meredith Goldstein back to the Huntington this evening to celebrate the five year anniversary of her popular "Love Letters" column. Meredith will be joined by the Huntington's favorite silver-haired dramaturg Charles Haugland for a post-show discussion about relationships — think of it like "Love Letters" Live multiplied by Venus in Fur divided by champagne, which will be flowing plentifully in celebration. And yes, tickets are still available:

(there's also a party tonight, Tuesday the 21st, at Emerald Lounge in the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street, but our event is cooler. obvi

There will be plenty of free and fun prizes at the show of course, but in the lead-up to the event, Meredith has been giving out tickets to the show to a few lucky readers. Her most recent contest asked for readers to submit a creative paragraph explaining why they wanted to Venus in Fur on the specific night of the "Love Letters" party. Here's a sampling from the winners (I think the full submissions are going to be posted on "Love Letters" sometime next week, so I don't want to spoil it for any of you loyal readers out there):

"I'm a long-time reader and lurker, but I'm always too shy to comment or participate in the chats. Well, I don't want to be shy anymore . . . Help me get out of my shell — put me in a place where I won't be the only one feelings (secretly) a little uncomfortable! Maybe I can even arrange a date . . . "

I mean, c'mon, that one's adorable!


"Twas the night before love letters and all through Boston
Men and women cheered
Their love problems had be heard, over the length of 5 years
Erotica stage presence could no better explain
The loads of people Meredith helped
In matters from the bed
I myself was astonished
By the advice
And thought no other celebration
Could ever suffice
So with a wink of my eyes and a pen in my hand
Love letters have made me better understand man."

At first I thought "Well, it's a little past Christmas season at this point..." but this reader had a little fun with this conceit. I especially appreciate how they fake you out with the meter of the poem while still maintaining an air of homage.


"I was lucky enough to go to Noir 4 years ago for my first LL party, and even though I was nervous about meeting a bunch of wackos on the internet, I ended up having a blast, and met lots of great people that I am still friends with today. My luck worked again when I met the love of my life after "meeting" him on the blog. We will be together 2 years in March and we couldn't be happier!"

A testament to the power of true love amplified by the Internet!


"I want the tickets as a birthday present for my husband. I am tasked with putting together a fun night out on his birthday (1/23) to make up for the fact that last year we spent the day talking to police after our house was broken into! We don't get many nights away from our 18 month old twins, so I am looking to spice this one up."

I will not make a joke about handcuffs I will not make a joke about handcuffs I will not ma


"I'm a 50 year old divorced straight woman in a city that has twice as many women as men. I live less than 100 feet from my ex-husband . . . and his new wife . . . not by choice. My last several dates had extra chromosomes and insufficient hormones. I haven't had sex in so long that I don't think I remember how any more."

I'm rooting for you. Let's hope you find some inspiration in the show — and maybe a special someone to take you home?


Here are a few more gems for your enjoyment:

"Bob checked his ring watch to see if it was time for closure. The Grilled Cheese sandwich shop was his baby and he didn’t want to close the doors prematurely . . . As five o’clock came, he locked the doors and rode off into the sunset, because it was time for therapy and after that was his Wednesday night gaycard poker game."
"Fun fact: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was born in Lemberg (modern day Lvov) and so was yours truly! And now onto the creative and erotic..."

Perhaps there's something in the water?

"This does look like the type of play that would be perfect for a date with my sweet and sexy lady friend. She would be very surprised and thrilled at attending this and surprising her and making her smile is always a top priority. I am optimistic that it would also lead to some serious sexy-time after the show, although that would happen no matter what we did or where we went."
"Would love to attend Venus in Fur on the 5th anniversary of Love Letters as it's my boyfriend and my 4th anniversary of dating. We met at a 90's night in Burlington, VT four years ago and have been going strong since! He recently moved back from grad school in North Carolina (two years of distance!) and we have plans to go to the Top of the Hub for drinks and apps to celebrate our accomplishment of making it through the past 2 years smoothly and of course, our anniversary. What better way than starting the night (or ending) with an erotic play to spice up the mood for the evening!"
"I am a married man and my wife's birthday is January 21st. So I would love to surprise her with tickets to a play (she loves going to plays) and having 2 pre-teen kids my wife and I never get 'Date Night' to go out together. The marriage has been in a bit of a rut lately. We get along, but our lives are pretty much being a taxi for the kids going to basketball or hockey. And my wife works some nights or I have band practice, so we don't get maintenance time for the marriage to go out and just talk and have fun together. A night at the theater would be great for us, and my wife would love to go. I hope I win, because then my wife wins and my marriage wins."
"I'd love some free tickets to the 'erotic' play on the 22nd because it's the perfect way to celebrate my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. We met online and hit it off, but I was initially hesitant that I didn't feel enough of a spark with him at first. That WOW moment where I realized how compatible we were was when he confessed to reading Love Letters everyday - and I do too! Now it's our favorite part of the morning, to text each other 'Did you read the letter?!'."
"My wife and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage this fall. We remain passionately in love with each other for all the right reasons. . . Over the last few years, we have become more religiously observant, which surprisingly has made us more romantic and, yes, more erotic. With the goal of sanctifying and strengthening the bond between husband and wife, we make sure that sexuality and pleasing each other are priorities, all within the bounds of religious observance. Monogamy can be sexy. Monogamy can be erotic. I highly recommend it."

See you tomorrow night!


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