Feelin' Chilly? Get your Fur on with Venus

by:  Thom Dunn at 01/06/2014

Look, I get it: it's cold out. Well, maybe not today specifically, when it suddenly feels like April, but by the time the sun goes down we'll be back in the Ice Age, and when that happens, we all begin to regret the social progress of human evolution and curse the day our Cro-Magnon cousins crawled out of their caves instead of hibernating for the winter like our fellow warm-blooded mammals. So the idea of being anywhere but your own abode, cuddled under blankets and cramming through Netflix marathons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the eighteen-millionth-time is understandably less than appealing.

But we don't want that homespun comfort to keep you from having a great time at the theatre this winter. If you've heard even the smallest bit about Venus in Fur, you know that it's a hot and steamy ride that makes those 90 minutes fly by like an inappropriate simile over which I would likely be fired if I continued to elaborate. As a little extra incentive to get you out of your bed cave house, we've put together a fantastic line-up of special events (in addition to our standard fare of audience engagement). So make a night of it and take advantage of some these great free programs that we've put together — and even with a 90 minute show, I can almost-half-guarantee* that you'll make it home in time to catch American Horror Story.

  • Tonight — Mon., Jan. 6: Secretary at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

    The latest in our ongoing Stage & Screen series with the Coolidge, enjoy a special screening of the film Secretary starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, followed by a conversation with Boston Globe "Love Letters" columnist Meredith Goldstein and Venus in Fur director Daniel Goldstein and cast members Andrea Syglowski and Chris Kipiniak. (and no, Danny and Meredith are not related — at least as far as we're aware — so you don't have to worry about the kinky conversations turning towards incest)
  • Tues., Jan. 7: The Casting Process

    Most Huntington performances feature a post-show conversation, but this time around, we thought we'd spice things up a bit (And I don't explicitly mean with handcuffs, either). Venus in Fur takes place in the audition room for a play, and we're sure that there are plenty interested and inspiring actors out there, so we've put together a special post-show conversation with the Huntington's all-star casting team, Associate Producer M. Bevin O'Gara (director, Becoming Cuba) and Producting Director Chris Wigle, along with Venus director Daniel Goldstein to talk about the real action behind the casting process, and maybe share their own misadventures from the audition room. What's more, this event will be hosted and moderated by "Radio Boston" host Anthony Brooks.
  • Fri., Jan. 10: Venus in Fur 35 Below Party

    By now, I'm sure you've heard about our fantastic 35 Below Wrap Parties (and if not, you can click on that link to catch yourself up). They're always a guaranteed blast, and in honor of Venus, we'll be changing up the usual format a little. Don't worry, it's not going to interrupt into a Swinger Party or anything; that would totally be illegal for us to facilitate. But I can guarantee a few fun props in the Photo Booth, and maybe some special performances...
  • Thurs., Jan. 23: Girls' Night Out!

    Wine! Chocolate! Fashion! And no guys like me to interject these blogposts with our charmingly eccentric witticisms! Indulge in some drinks and Finale desserts while Boston designer Sara Campbell models the upcoming spring fashion line with some help from the lovely ladies of the Huntington. Really, it's perfect.
  • Thurs., Jan. 16 & Wed., Jan. 29: Actors Forums

    We offer two Actors Forums with every Huntington production, so while these might not be extra-super-special events, it's still an intensely show with just two actors, so I think these forums might stray a bit from our standard fare...

So come out from your hiding place under the blankets in your poorly-insulated apartment, and enjoy get your Fur on with us. And then you can go home and crawl back under the blankets and who knows, maybe you'll have learned a thing or two worth trying...

*Please note: this guarantee is not guaranteed. Also I don't watch TV live anymore, so maybe my math here is skewed.


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