Give It Up For #GivingTuesday!

by:  Thom Dunn at 12/04/2013

I saw some conversation on Twitter, both lamenting the overexposure of #GivingTuesday appeals, and questioning the effectiveness of having every single not-for-profit in the country ask for money on the exact same day.

But you know what's better than questioning campaigns for personal philanthropy? The fact that you, our wonderful supporters, gave us almost $5,000 yesterday, which was then doubled by another generous donor, to bring us a grand total of nearly $10,000 in just one day! Because of your support, 625 teens and underserved adults in the Boston community will be able to attend a future Huntington performance for free.

I think we can call that one a success, if I do say so myself. And so once more, on behalf of the entire company, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our incredible supporters. We would never be able to do this without you.


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Outside of the Huntington, Thom is a writer, musician, and homebrewer. It's all pretty cool. You can find out more about it at


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