Do You Have What It Takes To Join...THE HUNT?

by:  Thom Dunn at 10/10/2013

From the Private Lives 35 Below Party

By now I'm sure most of you have heard about the Huntington's fantastic 35 Below program, which offers $25 tickets for any & all performances for anyone under the age of 35*. It's pretty much the best deal ever. We also host 35 Below Wrap Parties** after select performances, which feature live music and drinks and are free with the price of a ticket, which is the real icing on the cake, or the bacon on the pizza, or the diabetic-shock-inducing-pumpkin spice in your latte, or whatever metaphor you like.

From the Betrayal Wrap Party. Get in bed with our Box Office! Er...wait, that's what I --

What most of you don't know about is The Hunt. Mostly because it's new. And because we haven't really told you that much about it. Which is what I'm doing now. The Hunt is our new donor program for 35 Below members, an opportunity for young theatregoers-on-a-budget to get involved and deepen their engagement with the Huntington without deepening the holes in their pockets. In exchange for your support, you get access to tons of fantastic member benefits, like VIP access at 35 Below Wrap Parties, backstage tours, invitations to special events and private parties with Huntington artists, shout-outs on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages (or Google+, if, ya know, you really want that), and more. You'll also have a voice on our 35 Below committee, which gives you a chance to help us reach out to new audiences and navigate the future of the problem.

From the Ma Rainey's Black Bottom pre-show meetup at Five Napkin Boston

Right now most of you are probably going, "ughhhhhh are they seriously asking us for money don't they know I'm poor this is stupid ughhhhhhhhhh *click*" which is...well, fair, because I'm 27 and work at a not-for-profit theatre company, so I know from poor. But bear with me for a moment. You see, ticket income only covers half of the cost it takes to bring our extraordinary productions to the stage (am I allowed to call them 'extraordinary'? You agree, they are extraordinary, right? Okay, so then we're good). And 35 Below tickets are already a helluva steal, which means even our most rockin' parties...don't actually help much with the cost of putting on a show. Think of how much bang you're already getting for your buck (and the fact that your $25 ticket is probably technically being subsidized by someone else's generous donation in some kind of complicated accounting thing that goes way over my head because I don't understand money).

The cast of Ryan Landry's 'M' doing . . . uhhh  . . . something . . . in the photobooth . . . 

All we're asking for is $75. Well, okay, not all -- you're certainly welcome (and encouraged!) to give whatever you'd like, but for as low as $75, you can become a member of The Hunt, and help steer the future of the Huntington's 35 Below program. Think about all the money you're already saving through 35 Below (including the free / cheap drinks you get to enjoy on our dime!). And think about all the fantastic productions you've seen our stage. 

Now imagine that you get to be a part of making that happen. Not a bad deal, huh?

Our goal for The Hunt is to raise $10,000 to become the Scenic Sponsor for Melinda Lopez's Becoming Cuba, the first mainstage production directed by M. Bevin O'Gara, the Huntington's Associate Producer and the founder / champion of the 35 Below program. It sounds like a lofty goal, but we're almost halfway there already, and with your support, we can bring the beautiful streets of Havana to the South End. And c'mon, who doesn't want that?

Here's your chance. Make a Gift. Join the Hunt. Have an Impact.





*And yes, you can still come to a party even if you're over 35. I know some people have felt discouraged in the past, and I want to make it clear that everyone is absolutely 100% welcome at any 35 Below Wrap Party, regardless of age. And I'm usually the one operating the sound board, which means if anybody tells you otherwise, I'll...shut the sound off. Or something.

That being said, it does tend to get pretty loud.

**We've also got a few pre-show events coming up, but they didn't fit as smoothly into paranthetical stream-of-consciousness narrative:

All photos by our multiply talented Assistant Properties Master, Justin Seward.


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