What Audiences Are Saying About Becoming Cuba!

by:  Thom Dunn at 04/10/2014

Audiences are feeling that sweet Havana hot emanating from the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA! Some of them have already let us know how much they loved the show, either online or on camera. You can see them for yourself in the video and comments below — and if you have your own thoughts to share, we'd love to hear them! Leave your comments down below.

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"LOVE it! Still thinking about it. So happy to have Melinda Lopez in our midst!— Jean Holmblad, via Facebook
"I saw the play last Sunday and was carried back to my roots (born in Cuba) and its independence heroes: Antonio Maceo, Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez. It is masterfully written and the acting is superb. I loved Martina, the sister of the main character, Adela. She steals the show!! Highly recommend it."— Alberto Calvo, via Facebook
"Very moving! The play is still relevant today because it shows a person’s thought process in making difficult decision such as how to make a living, how to deal with corruption, how honor and know when to let go old duties."— Hsiu Chang, via Facebook
"Wow, _Becoming Cuba_ at the Huntington was really excellent. Best play I've seen there."— @ScottMadin
"Really enjoyed #becomingcuba at @huntington! 'Blood will have blood.' I recommend it to anyone in #Boston."— @DarielSuarez1
"@huntington a beautiful production of Melinda Lopez's ambitious play #BecomingCuba. Bravo!"— @Dahlface33
"Melinda Lopez does it again! Get your tickets to #BecomingCuba @huntington to see this beautiful play. Mazal tov to the cast & crew."— @gbenaharon
"Just saw the @huntington's 'Becoming Cuba' by Melinda Lopez. Brilliant play! If you can catch it, I highly recommend you do so."— @ChelaBK
"Last night I saw Becoming Cuba and it was just incredible.In two hours I went through a whole range of emotions and that's why I love theatre. #huntington #theatre #incredible"— @KeatyKat via Instagram


  1. I thought the acting was very good. Talented group. The story was hard to follow.
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