Lighting Sets The Mood For Venus

by:  Mike Wellman at 12/16/2013

From Mike Wellman, Assistant Master Electrician

Venus in Fur is a little different than most shows for us. The traditional light plot over the stage is very light because of the ceiling built into the set. Lighting designer ML Geiger uses 5000 watt fresnels and Atomic strobe lights as sun and sky effects that shoot through the skylights, but that's about all that will work from above. Instead, conventional lights are located in plain sight as part of the scenic design, hanging from pipes built into the ceiling of the "rehearsal hall." The biggest challenge is how to get power distributed throughout the ceiling, but then it gets easier because all of our cable and adapters are supposed to be visible. We don't have to spend nearly as much time cleaning, masking, and covering the cable and lights because the audience is supposed to see it all. There is even a ladder that lives in the set that we can use for notes!

Video shot, edited, and produced by Thom Dunn


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