Stick Fly Invited Dress

by:  Lisa McColgan at 02/20/2010

Today we welcome a new voice to the Huntington's blog - staffer Lisa McColgan, the Huntington's Annual fund Coordinator. Thanks Lisa! 

This past Thursday, we invited a number of special guests (including Board members, donors, and community leaders) to the Calderwood Pavilion to witness the final dress rehearsal of Stick Fly.

This “Invited Dress” marks the end of one stage of the theatrical process (rehearsing) and signifies the beginning of another (preview performances in front of a live audience). It begins the process of really learning how a show comes to life with an audience, and to make final adjustments to the technical elements before opening night. For an invited audience member, it’s a unique opportunity to see a production before it opens to the general public. “Tech tables” are still up throughout the house, staff members are scribbling notes, and sometimes, the performance is stopped to make adjustments in lighting or blocking. It’s a fascinating glimpse into what goes into the productions here.

For the actors, having a small audience can be very helpful. Will people laugh at this line? How will they react to this scene? In a sense, it’s a “sneak preview” for our actors as well!

It’s valuable for the staff, too, to be able to speak with our supporters and hear about what they love and answer any questions. I had a great time speaking with a couple that have been donors and subscribers since our very first season, who told me that they make it a point to see as many Arthur Miller plays as they can, since their first date at a production of The Price. Our staging of All My Sons, they happily reported, was the best they’d ever seen.

Stick Fly’s final dress rehearsal was an exciting and intimate evening for everyone involved. Several guests remarked how much they appreciated feeling a part of the process.

Invitations to our “Invited Dress” are one of the many benefits of being an Annual Fund supporter. If you would like more information, or to make a gift, please contact me here in the Development Office at 617 273-1546.

-Lisa McColgan (photo above), Annual Fund Coordinator

(L to R) Jacie Wallace, John Turner, Linda Turner, Ron Watters, Linda Watters, Debbie Todd, Jonathan Todd, James Owens from the Omegas at Thursday's Invited Dress


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