The Seagull Curtain Calls: Nancy E. Carroll

by:  at 03/06/2014

Name: Nancy E. Carroll

Role: Paulina Andreyevna

Hometown: Born in Haverhill, MA and raised in Ohio, but I came back summers to visit relatives and moved to the North Shore 20 years ago to be near the ocean!

Favorite Chekhov play?
It will be The Seagull!

Most recent Huntington role:
I was most recently at the Huntington doing Rapture, Blister, Burn — and the extra bonus was Peter asking me to go out to LA and finish their run of the play at The Geffen. Two weeks of doing a play I love and all that sunshine!

What did you parents want you to be when you grew up?
I think my mother would have preferred I had chosen something more reliable because she worries about me supporting myself. But my father told me when I was in my teens to follow my heart and live the life that fed my soul.

Most memorable acting experience from early in your career?
Every job has taught me and informed and scared me and delighted me; they can bring joy, tears, and laughter (and confusion). It's all so varied I couldn't choose one — I look forward to each new role to see what challenge it presents. 


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