Breaking Ground Series Continues!

by:  Lisa Timmel at 09/22/2010

We’ve been busy and we haven’t been blogging! Readings, readings, readings!

Fire On Earth

We kicked of this year’s Breaking Ground Reading Series in late August with HPF Patrick Gabridge’s powerful historical drama Fire On Earth which chronicles the struggles of William Tyndale and his friends as they illegally translate the Bible into English.  Recently, Patrick wrote a couple of posts about life as a playwright in Boston on his blog,  Check it out.

Long Season returns!

Right after Labor Day, collaborators Chay Yew and Fabian Obispo headed back to the rehearsal room in New York to rework their epic musical about the lives and loves of Filipino cannery workers in 1920’s Alaska.  They ended up with a really tight structure and some fantastic new songs. 

… next up

Making Up The Truth by Jack Hitt

Directed by Jessica Bauman
Friday, September 24th at 7pm
Calderwood Pavillion at the BCA

Jack Hitt tells extravagant, true tales — a yarn about the childhood neighbor who was one of the first men to become a woman, or his apartment super with a deadly secret identity. But, the stories always lead people to ask, did that really happen? The Atlantic Monthly recently called This American Life contributer Jack Hitt "one of America's best storytellers." In his new show, Making Up the Truth, he shares his stories and learns that, of all things, new scientific breakthroughs point to an answer to that question: Do extraordinary things only happen to certain people, or do we all swim unaware in a sea of the uncanny and unbelievable?

Jack Hitt is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and public radio's This American Life.


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