35 Below Rocks and Rolls

by:  M. Bevin O'Gara at 03/17/2010

35 Below is the Huntington Theatre Company's exclusive club for the culturally curious aged 35 & under. 35 Below patrons are invited to special parties and receive news about special events, exclusive contests, and backstage gossip. And best all, tickets to any Huntington performance are just $25 through our 35 Below program. The program was first implemented in 2007 - and we sold just under 300 tickets. This year we have surpassed 3000. It is great to see our audiences begin to reflect the greater diversity that is the city of Boston.

Enjoy these photos from our March 5 Becky Shaw wrap party titled Leave with the Wrong Girl.
A Guest stakes his claim on "Susan" played by Maureen Anderman 

Guests and Dress Forms picked their favorite character from the show to identify their own personalities 

Miss Fairchild rocks all night long

35 Below Guest and Staff danced to Miss Fairchild
35Below tickets are available for every performance, and our next Event, One Kiss Changes Everything, will be on Friday May 21, 2010


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