Huntington Professional Full Season Internship Frequently Asked Questions

What is living in Boston like?

Boston is a vibrant city with activities for everyone.  We’re also home to the most college students in the nation—over 250,000 while school is in session--leading to an exciting young adult scene!  You’ll find restaurants of every variety, lots of bars and clubs, and other performance venues for theatre, music and dance.  We often offer Huntington employees (and as an intern, you will be treated as an employee) free or discounted admission to over 30 local cultural attractions, such as the MFA and Science Museum.  Good resources for city life are, Boston Metro  and

Do I need a car?

Definitely not, and we don’t recommend driving in Boston in general.  Boston has a good public transit system called the MBTA, or “T” for short, and our theatres are close to T stations.  The commuter rail is excellent option for weekend-day trips to the North Shore beach communities of Gloucester and Rockport or the eclectic city of Providence, Rhode Island.  If you choose to have a car, please keep in mind that parking can be challenging and expensive, and Boston roads are quite confusing.  Save yourself the trouble and walk or “T” it.

Is there pay involved?

Interns are paid an hourly rate of $8.75, however, it may not be enough to fully cover living expenses. Housing is not provided. Interns have the opportunity, if schedule permits, to be hired by other departments, such as Front of House and Box Office, to supplement their weekly income.s.  We strongly suggest that you carefully consider your financial needs for the professional internship program.  Professional Interns are offered health and dental insurance benefits.

What would my hours be?

Interns should expect a 35-40 hour week on average, but hours vary by department and depending on performance cycle.  This may include days, evenings, and weekends.  For instance, interns in Marketing will be expected to work additional hours leading up to our season announcement, while interns in Scenery will be required to participate in each show’s weekend strike.  If you have specific questions about the internship for which you are applying, please ask the department manager if you are called for an interview.

With what kinds of projects would I be involved?

Some of everything.  There may be some administrative work too (such as copying and filing) — we all have to do that — but interns will be integral parts of each department.
You will primarily be involved in the work of the department--building sets, contacting donors, etc.  Most of the interns have their own desk, computer, and phone. You will be part of company and department meetings and have independent responsibilities.

Would I work for one specific department or would my time be split?

Depending on the needs of the Huntington Theatre Company during a particular season we may need to combine two areas in that particular year (e.g. paints and scenery, marketing and development, etc).  The intern would report to both department and widen their scope of hands-on experience in the theatre.

Do you have directing or acting internships?

We do not offer acting or directing internships.

Do you offer short-term, summer, or January internships?

Most of our staffing needs are satisfied by the full season porfessional internship.  Applications for shorter-term internships, most typically for academic credit, are accepted on a rolling basis and subject to availability. You must contact your academic institution directly to determine credit rules; this is solely the applicant's responsibility.  Opportunities will be evaluated depending on the applicant’s qualifications and the needs of the organization at the given time.

Because we do not produce during the summer, there are no summer internships in the areas of artistic, costumes, electics, stage management, scenery, and sound. We sometimes will take on an intern in an administrative capacity such as in Marketing or Development, depending on the need of the department at a given time.  

Will I be exposed to other departments?

Yes!  Interns will have monthly gatherings, as well as plenty of opportunity to meet informally. Interns also participate in Friday Forums, which feature speakers from within the Huntington addressing topics such as, creating a season, financial management, marketing and public relations, and production management. Just like other staff members, interns are invited to our All Staff meetings, invited to serve on the 35 Below Committee, receive free tickets to all of our productions, and are encouraged to attend Opening Night parties.

Whom should I ask for my letters of recommendation?

You should ask people who know you and your work.  Professors, directors, and supervisors are good choices.

What kind of writing sample should I include for the literary, education, marketing, and development internship?

  • Literary: The writing sample should be 3-10 pages, but may be a combination of several shorter pieces that exhibit different sides of an applicant's voice. The best writing samples for this purpose should be written in the context of a theatrical production, perhaps in the form of a program note, a play review, a script report, or, in the absence of those, an academic paper that references a play or musical; it should not be written in the first person. The writing sample should show a strong voice, an ability to integrate quotations from primary sources, and a point of view on theatre.
  • Education: Please make sure your writing sample is 1 -2 pages of sample curriculum that one could do with early high school students like an exercise, game or brief text work.
  • Marketing: A sample of a press release or a set of marketing show description would be the best examples of a writing samples for the marketing and public relations professional internship.
  • Development: A sample of an annual fund gift appeal, or an excerpt from a grant proposal would be the best example of a writing sample for the Development professional internship.

Should I send a portfolio with my application?

No. We cannot return any application materials, so please do not send a full portfolio.  If we contact you for an interview, we may request that you bring a portfolio at that time.

I’ve sent my application.  What happens now?

You will receive an email to confirm that your application has been received.  After the March 31st deadline, we will then consider all applications.  In early April, we will contact prospective interns for additional materials and/or an interview in person, if practical.  Final decisions will be made in earky May.  If we are not able to offer you a professional internship, you will receive an email by mid-May.

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