Celebrating 30 Years of Timeless Theatre

Over the past 30 years, the Huntington Theatre Company has developed into Boston's leading theatre company. Known for productions of groundbreaking new works and classics made current, the Huntington brings together the most talented theatre artists from the Boston area and throughout the United States.

30 Years of Timeless Theatre in just 3 minutes


30 Years of Huntington Memories

Help us celebrate our anniversary by sharing your Huntington memories with us!

  • What is your favorite production?
  • Who introduced you to the Huntington?
  • Do you have a ritual for each time you come?

Email with your written or video recollection or with a request for us to help record it.

Jon S.

October 15, 2011

Last night — Friday 10/14/11 at 8:54pm — we reached Tessitura ticketing order number 1,000,000. We knew weeks ago that the time we coming, and perhaps we should have started a pool to guess when it would be. Witnessing the moment were Cheyenne [Postell, Subscriptions Associate], Casey [Beaupre, Box Office Associate], Hailey [Fuqua, Subscriptions Coordinator], and myself. In order number one million, I sold Hailey 2 complimentary tickets to the Friday January 6 performance of God of Carnage.

Any given order can involve hundreds of keystrokes and mouse clicks, or it can be cancelled and empty within just 3 clicks. Any given order can be a household's entire theatergoing for a year, or represent a non-renewal and be a ghost of what might have been. Any order may involve thousands of dollars, or none at all. Some Tessitura clients across the world may only dream of reaching order 1,000,000, while for others that moment is racing into ancient history.

So I thought I'd give this moment more attention and ceremony than it deserves! In our 30th Anniversary year special thanks should be offered to Joey Riddle [Calderwood Pavilion Manager, formerly Company Manager and Audience Services Manager] who, with others, got Tessitura started and headed in a good direction, and who has the distinction of having the first box office batch, posted on April 9, 2004. Congratulations and best wishes to the past, present and future members of the Huntington box office, and here's to the next one million orders!

Jon Slater, Audience Serves Manager
via e-mail to the staff

Jim C.

October 4, 2011

The year was 1982 and the fellow who had the locker next to mine at the YMCA on Huntington Avenue turned out to be none other than our own Michael Maso. I was not much of a theater fan, but undeterred Michael talked me in to coming to see Translations (1982-83), the story of the English effort to change Celtic names in Ireland to English. I was hooked. I have been a member ever since and my wife and I have seen nearly every show. However, our favorite moment had to be standing outside of the theater on a cold winter night after The Piano Lesson (1987-88) with a group of people talking to August Wilson about the connection between the newly arrived African-Americans in Pittsburgh and their deeply felt feelings for the South and their longing for their agrarian roots. Now that was an experience you do not get on Broadway! Thank you Michael Maso and all of the directors, actors, box office folks, ushers, and everyone else associated with the theatre. We are looking forward to celebrating your 50th!

via the blog

Katharine D.

September 22, 2011

Dear Huntington Theatre [Company],

I always intend to write you letters and I usually call to say how wonderful a show is but after Tuesday's spectacular performance of Candide, I take pen to paper.

We come on Tuesday with our sons and daughters-in-law and we all LOVED the show. The music was wonderful, singing absolutely glorious, acting magnificent, and the joyful theatricality was perfection. Everyone did such a fine job and there was such a miriad of lovely, funny, whimsical details that we will surely come again. It was theater at its very best! Thank you!

Of course, this is true of many Huntington productions. She Loves Me, any Gilbert & Sullivan, 39 Steps, As You Like It spin quickly off the tongue but there are countless more in all our years as subscription holders.

I saw Barbara Cook in Candide years ago in New York. Lauren Molina was as good — so was/is Geoff Packard. I don't remember the New York production being so witty and fun as yours is. Many thanks for all your care and delight in detail. It was a joyful evening!

All good wishes to all the actors and tech crew and director and, and, and. [sic] Brava! Bravo!

Katharine D.

Katharine's memory was originally sent to us as a handwritten letter.

Lynn T.

September 14, 2011

I have been a loyal subscriber to the Huntington Theatre Company since the first season — in fact before the first season.

My friend and I attended the "first" season when it was The Hartman Theater. I found a newspaper story to validate my failing memory of why I remember the Hartman came before the Huntington. (editor's note: That is a find! WOW!)

My good friend June Lemen suggested we should get the subscription when we both lived in Boston. The first season of the Huntington took place the year I got engaged. My roommate Kim Seward joined us. Now, 30 years later my husband and I are still married and June and I are still attending. We have both been lucky enough to have seen some fabulous plays and have both become adoptive parents.

Our times at the play have kept us connected over these years. When the play is at the BU Theatre we go to Betty's Noodle Shop for lunch. We moved to the Sunday matinee over 10 years ago. June wrote [founding Artistic Director] Peter Altman a blistering letter when our Thursday evening front row balcony seats were inadvertently given away and to make it up to us he offered front row balcony seats on the last performance of the run, Sunday matinee. I do not mind doing the last performance except you can never recommend the play to anyone because it is gone. I find that you get a really good performance on the last day — everyone is spot on and emotions run high.

Our favorite production was Arcadia. The Woman Warrior was another mystical favorite. Translations has stuck with me as well. The inside track to August Wilson was thrilling. I have never been so profoundly moved by a play as I was with Sonia Flew — unless it was when I could not stop crying at Rabbit Hole. Forbidden Broadway: SVU made my husband's birthday hilarious and unforgettable. Pirates! also brought tears of laughter.

There are too many memorable plays to remember. Especially after 30 years.

Last year I went to Broadway and was talking to the young people who promote the shows outside the rush ticket booth as they tried to get me to pick a play. They suggested The 39 steps. I was able to airily respond "Oh, I've seen that play at the Huntington."

I feel so fortunate to have seen such a variety of excellent plays over the years. The Huntington Theatre Company has enriched my life immeasurably. Thank you for all these years of vibrantly alive theather. I look forward to at least 30 more.

Congratulations — Sincerely,

Lynn T.
an inaugural subscriber to The Huntington Theatre Company
via e-mail

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